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It's not a coincidence that you’re here! Welcome to a place of discovery and enlightenment! Dawn Ricci, is dedicated Certified Spiritual Advisor, Psychic Medium, and Practitioner of Healing with Divine Intelligence, warmly invites you to embark on a transformative journey. This is your opportunity to reach into a world of profound insights and spiritual growth. Dawn is here to guide you through the next chapter of your life, offering support and wisdom. Embrace the chance to uncover knowledge and experiences beyond your imagination.

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Laura B, New Jersey

“I was completely blown away when Dawn brought my Mom in to speak with me. Although skeptical at first, I was so happy to hear the memories and special moments that we had shared, and Dawn really made me realize that our loved ones in heaven really do play a role in our life here on earth. Dawn is a true professional and so easy to talk to. I am ever grateful for this experience, Thank you!”